Stefan van der Kamp doet buiten gewoon verslag.
Hij werkt als fotograaf, redacteur en regisseur.

Learn from Mitu Monteiro – Surf Pop Shove-It into Transition

Photostory | Kitesurf

Last summer I met up with the team of F-One in the beautiful Camargue in France. One of the spots we went was Beauduc. It’s a place where you are able to wildcamp next to flamingo’s and the Mediterranean Sea with an excellent spot for kiteboarding. Specialized in strapless riding with a kite and a surfboard is Mitu Monteiro. Even when the water is deadflat this guy amazed me with his skills. Watch and learn how the strapless virtuosic from Cabo Verde, Mitu Monteiro performs a Surf Pop Shove-it into Transition. [autoviewer id=”65″ width=”800″ height=”600″ link=”Click here to see Mitu Monteiro perform a Surf Pop Shove-It into Transition”]



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