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Hij werkt als fotograaf, redacteur en regisseur.

Snowkiteloop on ski’s by Chris Immers

This year I went to Norway with a group of Dutch kiteboarders. Chris Immers is already snowkiting for a couple of years. He is able to pull a trick called a kiteloop on his skies. In the newest Access Snowkite Magazine he explains how to do this kind of trick.

To shoot this snowkiteloop I used my snowboard to get to the spot. Chris dragged me trough the snow while I was standing on a snowboard with my camerabag on. We found a clear spot where he could do the trick and I put my board and camerabag down. You can see both laying down in the snow on the picture.

Because my camera shoots so many images I wanted to have a way to properly show the amasement when you see somebody performing a trick like this. I asked David Lok of Inmagine to design a system so I am able to show sequences in a proper way. Chris Immers helped a lot in the processing of the images and this is the result: a mouse-over-sequence-snowkiteloop by Chris Immers. Stoked!

Je kunt deze sequence alleen op een schermresolutie groter dan 990 pixels breed bekijken.

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