Stefan van der Kamp doet buiten gewoon verslag.
Hij werkt als fotograaf, redacteur en regisseur.

Oog in Oog met de Zorrohaai

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Why are people so afraid of sharks? Is it because of the image created by movies like Jaws? Or is it because media tend to overreact with every incident?

As Dutch citizens we never see sharks and maybe that’s why we tend to overreact when we hear the word shark. Actually almost 400 types of sharks are no threat to humans and the 4 or 5 types that could kill rather eat a tasty seal. The chance that you get killed by a soda machine is bigger then the chance you get killed by a shark. But shark accidents always make it to the front page.

Actually, we are a threat to sharks. Because of huge demand for shark fins the beautiful creatures get slaughtered only for their fins ( Because not enough people care about these so thought ‘dangerous’ sharks the killing continues each and every day. I’m not an extremist in this. I think we can eat animals. But to cut of only the shark fins and throw the sharks back into the sea is just cruelty. Check out also this movie Sharkwater ( which deals with this subject.

This movie is shot in Thailand, Malaysia & the Philippines. This was our first diving experience and we were blown away by the beauty of the sharks and underwaterlive.

Divers: Mirre & Stefan van der Kamp
Edit: Jan Willem van der Kamp
Narrator: Bert van der Kamp
Shots: Stefan van der Kamp


The Cult – Go Outside
Augustines – Chapel Song
Decibelle – Otsje Nasj
Elize – Dreamer

About this production:

This is a non commercial production shot during my travels with my wife. Normally I work as an editor, photographer and writer. This is not shot with my professional equipment, but with a compact camera. It was edited by my brother Jan Willem and narrated by my father Bert. He is also one of the singers from the group Decibelle.

Stefan van der Kamp –


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