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Nick Jacobsen Crane Jump Movie & Investigated

Crane Jump from kitecentre Zanzibar on Vimeo.

Nick Jacobsen jumps of the Crane in Table View Bay. Shot by Dim from Kitecentre Zanzibar.

Nick Jacobsen Crane Jump Investigated from Stefan van der Kamp on Vimeo.

The next day Chris Immers and I went on SUP to the boat to investigate how Nick Jacobsen got up the boat.

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Nick Jacobsen Crane Jump

Can’t believe my eyes. Nick Jacobsen just pulled of one of the sickest things I saw in kiteboarding.

[autoviewer id=”63″ width=”800″ height=”600″ link=”Click here to see first footage of Nick Jacobsen climbing the boatcrane with his kite and jumping of.”]

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